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Metal filter housings are not chemically compatible for certain applications in process industries. For such applications polypropylene filter housings works excellent. Polypropylene Material has wide chemical compatibility.

The Polypropylene filter housings are made up of ruffed reinforced virgin material. This is generally used for low flow rates for residential & commercial uses. Their polypropylene Material  has excellent chemical resistance for use with most acids, alcohols, ammonia, oils, electro plating solutions, food &  beverages & water

Features & Benefits :

  1. All Polypropylene Construction
  2. Pressure relief button for Venting.
  3. Different End Connections.
  4. Higher thickness for Good Physical Strength
  5. Wide Chemical . compatibility.
  6. Wide range of choice – Transparent , Opaque etc.
  7. Silicone O rings for Better Chemical Compatibility
  8. An Economical alternative to Metal Housings

Technical Specifications :

  1. Housing is suitable for the single filter element of 2.5” diameter
  2. Available in sizes of 10” & 20” length.
  3. Connections available are ½” , ¾” , 1”,1 ½”,3/4” with brass thread.
  4. Pressure relif valve is optional.